What We Do

Each night in London, hundreds of people are sleeping on the streets, for a variety of reasons. They are usually cold, hungry and vulnerable. We believe we can make a difference to the lives of those sleeping rough, and that we should do so whatever the reason for their situation.

Each week our volunteers prepare up to 200 hot meals, fresh fruit and hot drinks. Preparation of the food begins early on Friday afternoon, cooking and boxing up the hot meals, bagging the fruit in individual portions and filling flasks with tea and coffee. Many of the volunteers helping with food preparation give up the whole of their Friday afternoons to ensure that a filling and nutritious meal is provided.

We then head out onto the street, to Strand and Waterloo, where other volunteers will join us. Our team then shares the food and drinks and provides a listening ear and a word of encouragement to the rough sleepers who gather each week. We serve food to whoever needs a hot meal. Many may not have had a hot (or any) meal for quite a while, surviving on the sandwiches discarded by shops at the end of the day.

We believe in showing the love of God through provision to those in need and that every person needs sustenance for both body and soul. As Christians we believe in sharing the gospel; but we also believe that giving must be unconditional if it is to be motivated by love. We don't require anyone to share our beliefs, and we don't ask why a person is in need.

Our aim is to provide for all in need on our streets, regardless of the cause of their need, to people of any faith or none, and regardless of their backgrounds. We minister by providing good food and (if desired) by prayer for healing, for release from addiction and other adverse circumstances, or simply by providing a sympathetic ear to those who society has cast out.

Our outreach is usually concluded by a time of worship on the street, joined by rough sleepers, other churches with a heart for the homeless, and even by passers-by.

You too can help.