How You Can Help

Volunteers joining the outreach team can help in different ways. The team’s work has been divided into different roles, from the weekly street outreaches, to post-outreach follow up, and fundraising. Many volunteers help in more than one role.

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Food Preparation

Preparation of food is at the core of what we do. Volunteers usually start arriving at the outreach centre any time from about two o’clock and start preparing food, washing flasks, taking deliveries and other preparatory work before other team members start arriving later in the evening. The food is packed in Styrofoam packs, fruits are washed and cut up, and flasks of piping hot tea and coffee are prepared.

Prayer support

All volunteers spend some time in group prayers before going out to distribute the provisions and minister to people. However, you might feel that you would rather devote more time in praying for the evening’s outreach, and not join in the preparation. We have a prayer room where you can do this.

Distribution & Ministry

At the set time, when all the provisions are ready, everyone piles into the available transport and head out to the distribution points where the team shares the food, hot tea and coffee; and provides a listening ear and Godly encouragement. We are careful not to seek to compel vulnerable people into accepting our message, but we are always sensitive to opportunities to share our faith. Many people have come to Christ during these outreaches and many seek encouragement and prayer to help in their time of need.

If you are not able to join us at the outreach centre, but wish to join in distribution and ministry, you can simply meet the rest of the team at any of the distribution points. Many of the our volunteers do this.

Referrals & Consolidation

Those who have specific needs such as housing, advice and support are referred to various ministries and local support groups within their catchment area of London, as we recognise that the need is greater than any one ministry or group. Strong networks need to be formed with those with a passion and commitment to serve the needs of the poor through fellowships and organisations that welcome, support and nurture a changed lifestyle.

Fundraising & Financial Support

FAST 58’s activities are funded by donations made by those who support our objectives and ministry. If you are able to support us in fundraising, your help will be appreciated. Alternately, you might wish to make a financial contribution towards the ministry. As everyone is an unpaid volunteer, all contributions go directly to provision of assistance for the needy.

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